April 24, 2019

iTrustPRO Offers Small Business Liability Insurance Quotes

iTrustPRO, the all-in-one app for small businesses, launches liability insurance quotes

April 24, 2019

ATLANTA, Georgia, April 24, 2019. iTrustPRO announces today the successful launch of new mobile app release that includes quick insurance quotes for small businesses. iTrustPRO users can now get a general business liability insurance quote in just a few minutes right through the app.

iTrustPRO partnered with CoverWallet to offer customers of its mobile app a simple way to get liability insurance. This addition helps fulfill iTrustPRO’s vision to provide a complete, all-in-one app for small businesses.

“We know this is a need in the market, and we want to help address that,” said Janakan Rajendran, CEO of iTrustPRO. “Customers trust businesses that are insured. It is another way we can help our customers be more professional and get more customers themselves.”

In most cases, liability insurance is required by law. Once they receive insurance coverage, users of iTrustPRO can upload proof of insurance to their mobile app and share it with customers, along with their business license and bond.

Only about 28% of small businesses have liability insurance.* iTrustPRO is attempting to address this issue with its new release that allows customers to find insurance quickly and inexpensively.

“Without insurance, these companies are essentially playing russian roulette,” said Janakan Rajendran, CEO of iTrustPRO. “It is only a matter of time before something happens and they get caught in a very bad situation. It can lead to bankruptcy for them.”

It is free for iTrustPRO users to get an insurance quote. All iTrustPRO users of all plans have access to this feature.