January 3, 2019

iTrustPRO Launches All-in-One Mobile App for Small Businesses

iTrustPRO is a new mobile application that comes with a website and built-in tools for small businesses to grow and manage their business.

January 3, 2019

ATLANTA, Georgia, January 3, 2019. iTrustPRO announces today the successful launch of the iTrustPRO mobile application for small businesses. iTrustPRO is an all-in-one mobile application that helps independently owned small businesses run and grow their business.

iTrustPRO first and foremost wants to help small businesses grow. To that end, with every iTrustPRO account, users get a professional “SMART” website that is instantly created from the profile information they provide during registration. This website is optimized for search engines and gives users the ability to populate it with dynamic content. For instance, iTrustPRO users can upload photos of their work, including before and after pictures that are tagged with relevant keywords.

They can also “broadcast” every job to their iTrustPRO site. Broadcasting means that while users are at a job site, they can use their phone’s location to post a description of the work they are doing, including photos. These “broadcasts” are posted to their iTrustPRO SMART website, giving search engines and potential customers more content to see that is relevant to their search.

“We give our customers the tools to present themselves professionally to their potential customers,” said Janakan Rajendran, CEO of iTrustPRO. “This gives them a better chance to be found online and selected for the particular services they provide in the locations they serve.”

iTrustPRO also gives small businesses easy-to-use tool to manage their operations. With a few taps in the mobile app, users can send job quotes and invoices to customers. Those customers can accept those quotes and invoices and even pay their contractors electronically.

As part of that process, iTrustPRO provides a step-by-step tool for managing jobs from start to finish, providing a professional communication platform that keeps customers informed.

iTrustPRO believes it is providing something that no one else does for an underserved market. There are more than 30 million small businesses in the United States, and more than 24 million of them are operated by a single owner.

“We have something truly significant for these often neglected, mobile-based small businesses,” said Janakan. “Either they aren’t using any tools like this today, or what they do have is expensive and really built for a desktop computer interface. That’s just not how these businesses operate. They are out in the field all day long working with customers. They need a solution for a mobile business that brings it all together.”

iTrustPRO also believes in a mobile-first world, and it intends to bring this perspective these small businesses.

“We live in a world now where everyone always has a phone,” continued Janakan. “It only makes sense to be able to manage your business and communicate professionally with your customers through that device. If you don’t, you lose to those that do.”