May 14, 2019

iTrustPRO Launches New Small Business Websites

iTrustPRO small business app launches new website templates with short URLs for easy sharing

May 14, 2019
ATLANTA, Georgia, May 14, 2019. iTrustPRO announces the launch of new website templates and the ability to get a short website address for customers of its all-in-one small business mobile application. These features demonstrate iTrustPRO’s commitment to help small businesses grow.

Less than two thirds of small businesses have websites. And of those that don’t, they cite cost as a major reason why they do not.* Not having an online presence is a major factor why these businesses struggle finding new customers. iTrustPRO is committed to changing that.

iTrustPRO customers always receive a free business website with their subscription. Now customers can select their website template from several different options. This features allows them to change the look of their website instantly. For example, a handyman might choose a template with images of housework being done, while a landscaper might select one that shows off great yards and patios.

“We have many different types of businesses as customers,” said Janakan Rajendran, CEO of iTrustPRO. “It is important that we supply them a quick and easy way to appeal to their customer base. Website templates that you can change instantly are just one of the tools we provide that enable our customers to do that.”

In addition, customers will now able to specify a short address for their new website. Customers can now use their business name after ‘’' to create their own unique URL. For example, if a business is called “Joe the Handyman” he could claim his iTrustPRO address as ‘’.

“We found that many of our customers are sharing their itrustPRO website on their social media pages, Google business pages and other places, and they are getting a lot of traffic to their websites this way,” continued Rajendran. “Having a short URL helps with that, so they can use it anywhere they want easily.”

The short web addresses are being offered on a first-come first-served basis. So customers are encouraged to claim their address quickly. You can try these new features by downloading iTrustPRO on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store or by signing up online.